Okay – listen up. You probably think it’s that time of year when a cute, goofy but loveable Stonecroft Golden will show up and write a cute, goofy but loveable Stonecroft Christmas letter. 

This year, you would be wrong. 

The aforementioned Goldens are all stationed at the top of the stairs looking down on yet another litter of cute and loveable puppies, who will, I'm sure, also soon be goofy. 

  (see? don't judge them too harshly, they are afterall, just dogs...)

So - for this year's letter you've got me…Gerald, the World’s Best Cat and you can take it or leave it.  

This year, no poems, ponies or adorable misspellings. And if I can figure out how to disable to music and snowflakes, you can kiss those goodbye too.  Cats can spell, we use correct grammar and we get to the point. Unfortunately, even with all that talent, we cannot always prevent tragedies like this:

  It is hard to achieve world domination with a Santa Hat on. I plot my revenge…


Back to the year in review. The human spends far too much time on Facebook or with a camera attached to her face, thus her failure to update the many accomplishments of the Stonecroft Family on her website. There have been stars. As examples, I point to agility titles for Izzie:

                                                                                                                      Stonecroft Where the Air Is Sweet MX MXJ

Obedience and Rally titles for Rooney as well as his first breed points and several reserves:

Stonecroft Razzamatazz BN, RN, CD, GN, CGC, RE, CCA

And Dill marked the year by getting his first points... 

and becoming a Dad...

Stonecroft Pickled JH WC CCA

(Actually, Lyra did most of the work here. Meet the "kin" litter)


Also in the addition column, we got a new kid on the block. Pizzazz and Charlotte made this one along with the rest of the Ireland litter:

Stonecroft the Rock of Cashel

He's okay, I have been schooling him in the correct approach to the superior species, which is of course, to bend your knee:


We have not been immune to loss this year in our extended family; We had to wish godspeed to Jasper, JJ, Sugar, Corey, Annie, Brinkley and Maddie. But most of all we mourn the sudden loss of our own Keebler, CH Stonecroft Uncommonly Good. Although he was a big goofy Golden, and I care little for big goofy Goldens, Keebler was my friend and nothing has been the same since he left. The human took him for a routine surgery and he didn’t come back. This blew a hole in our world. He was always larger than life and the place is just too empty without him.




So that's it for us. I guess if I have to acknowledge the season, I'll say bah humbug or maybe (if you don't tell anyone it came from me)...


... sleep in heavenly peace



Gerald, T.W.B.C.


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