Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house

Just one creature was stirring

Quiet as a mouse.


A blanket was hung

O’er the table with care

In hopes that the other dogs

Wouldn’t know she was there


Kindle was ready,

she was on a quest

for a Christmas letter so awesome

all would proclaim it the best


Wembley had done it

Two years in a row

Wem thought it was her job

But little did she know


That Kindle was ready

She had all her plans

She even had crayons

All she needed was hands


She’d tell of the titles,

The puppies and such

She tell of the angels

That we miss so much


She knew she could do it

She’d write it all down

But first purple looked tasty

Then she had to try brown


Soon the crayons were history

And the night was all done

Her fort was so cozy

The Sandman had won


Kindle was snoring

Her words were unspoken

Her letter not written

Her heart would be broken


But when we all found her

Resting there in her tent

Instead of the letter

A poem had been sent


It told of the puppies

From Hunter and Gwen

And Cliff bred to Lyra

Just two, and then...


It mentioned our losses

It said we mourned Riley

Bailey, Sizzle, Bhanti, Dakota

And prized them so highly


It applauded the titles

The ribbons and such

It mentioned how proud we are

They all mean so much

So how did it happen?

This poem that we found?

Just tucked in with Kindle

asleep on the ground


I’ll let you all wonder

But to me it seems

With Christmas comes magic

For puppies with dreams

So from our house to your house

Merry Christmas from Kin

And the whole gang at Stonecroft

As the New Year begins…


Stay happy, stay healthy

And always remember

That Magic might find you

Like Kindle... one December




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