Merrrrry Christmas Everybody! It's me, Wembley Sue! 

I get to write another Christmas letter - how cool is that? I'm going to bring you all the news from Stonecroft. 

First news - no pony yet... Dad says we have to wait till the time is right to ask some more or Mom's eye will start twitching all over again. I think that means Mom is still thinking about it. And nobody is a better thinker than my Mom. She thinks of all KINDS of great stuff. 

Like that it's better to *open* the screen door before you go through (learned THAT the hard way). And that it's easier to put a leash on when I'm not twirling in circles - who knew? My mom, that's who. And if you wait till the dog food bag is open before you start to eat, supper goes down much easier. And that, when you are really happy to see someone, it is better to stop *before* you hit them full in the chest (this is very hard but it works SO much better than having to pick them up off the sidewalk) So really -  who's a better thinker than my Mom? I for sure don't know. I bet that pony is right around the corner... I'll keep you posted.  I appreciate all the letters, e-mails and facebooks you sent last year!

What else happened this year?      PUPPIES - THAT'S WHAT!!   We got 12 new babies!! Babies are wicked fun!

  This is the "Crayon" litter. Cute huh?

Welcome to the family little ones.    

Let's see - what else?

We went to some shows and got some nice ribbons - well Toast and Lyra did - see:


And Dill went to Tennessee to school with Miss Lorie and he tried his paw at a WC but no ribbon there - next year he says. But he's home now (YEA!!) except he took back his squeaky squirrel. I was really just watching it for him... Honest!

Some other ribbons for the crew were a CCA and UD legs for Miss Amber (Stonecroft Mystic Bam Bam Pow CDX RE CGC) at 11 years old (wonder if she got a pony for those?)

Mom says I should tell you all that Stonecroft is on facebook so you can friend us if you want. Like there's anybody who's not already MY friend...

And we had to say goodbye to some of the Stonecroft family:

Mia, Coach, Pico, Callahan, Kylie, Rory Jr. , Nellie, Sammy, Seuss and Kelly. 

Mom says they are new stars in the sky. When I look up at night, I think there have been too many goodbyes...

So no goodbyes for me - just Wembley Sue, your intrepid reporter, signing out till next year! Merry Christmas and may you all find your pony under the tree this Christmas...


Love Wembley

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