Merry Christmas and Welcome to my first Christmas letter!                   

 My name is Wembley or sometimes Wemmers or Stonecroft Dance Your Cares Away or - and I don't really like to think about this - but sometimes  WEMBLEY  ... SUE... MINNIERRR!

We won't focus on that now... That's me in the picture with my dad, Keebler. I think the picture was called, "Wembley - hold still!"

 I am named Wembley because I am a Muppet baby.  

                                                   Me and my 10 brothers and sisters all got Muppet names.  (this is us at our check-up)

My name is from Fraggle Rock. I never have seen a Fraggle but maybe one day I will. I think they live in walls so sometimes I lay real quiet up against the wall and listen real hard. Did you ever notice how when you lean against a wall all your toes get that funny feeling - like they have to dig? It's a wonderful feeling - can't beat that feeling. Won't those Fraggles be surprised when I get through the wall behind the couch and...


"Yes Mom?"

"Please focus on this year's news"

Oh yeah, so the big news this year, besides me & the rest of the Muppets, is that we got 5 more babies at Thanksgiving time. Charlotte went to Maryland to meet Sport. She had fun and said in Maryland they have crabs. I never saw a crab but I did see a crayfish once. I'm not sure exactly how it happened but first he was in my mouth and then he was hanging from my lip!


Crayfish catching is not fun.


What else is not fun is toad catching. If I am 'sposed to tell you important stuff, here is one big thing. Do not eat toads. Do not even lick toads. This is why: When you lick toads you get really sick and then you ...


"Wembley - The new babies?"


Right, more on toads later. So Charlotte went to see Sport and Mom really liked him. She wanted to bring him home. I think it would be fun if Sport came here. You know what else would be fun?


.....a pony.


 Baylor says at Christmas time you get to ask for a present. I am going to ask for a pony and here is why:

1. You can play with ponys.

2. Ponys poop the most wonderful...

"W E M - B L E Y  S U E!!"

 Uh-oh.  Okay so we got 5 babies, the Butterballs. They are cute. I like them. Their webcam is here. Their pictures are here.

      (see - cute huh?)


And here's the next thing that will happen. Baylor and Gwen are going to have puppies in the spring. More fun! And what else will be fun in spring?




Mud is fun because when you drop and roll it is smooshey and it sticks to you. Then when you run inside and wag real hard you can ...


"Whhaat?" "Oh,  Yes Ma'am, I guess I can wrap it up now"

This Christmas letter is hard work.  Mom is saying "Uncle" - not sure what that means but I better finish. Probably she wants me to stop so she can take me out to look for ponys - who has a better life than me?

If you want to know how Keebler, Glinda,     Baylor

                      Lyra and Gerald are - they are fine. And the rest of the crew are fine too, Mom says she'll post updates soon all by herself. 

Christmas Greetings to the Muppets: Jeter, Quincy, Lily, Izzie, Sophie, Beau, Bailey, Max, Beeker and Huckleberry and the rest of the Stonecroft Gang. We hope you'll write and let us know how you are and what you've been up to. Mom says hi too! Gotta go!

Love Wembley Sue 

p.s. (I will keep you posted on my pony, I think will name him Francis)


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