HoHoHo Everyone Ė itís me Lyra, the baby (but not for long Ė more about that in a sec).  

Itís my first Christmas.  I had to ask whatís a Christmas and Mom says itís the most wonderful time of the ear.  I didnít know ears had a wonderful time but thereís always new things to learn when youíre a baby.  I asked Glinda about wonderful ear times but she just called me a twit.  So I asked Keebler and he said he didnít know but if it was wonderful, it must have something to do with girls or food.  So I asked Baylor about ear times with girls and food and he didnít know but said to count him in.  I s'pect I will have much more to report Ďbout the whole thing  in a few weeks .

Anyway Mom says one thing we gotta do at Christmas is give you all the news.  I guess Iíll start with the stuff that made everyone here very sad.  We said goodbye to Truly and Rory.  They arenít here anymore and I miss them.  Truly left us in October.  She taught me how to catch ice cubes when they come out the feridgertor door and where the squirrels hide in the apple tree and that good dogs donít beg at the table or chew on the catís head.  Those are important things and I wonít ever forget them. 

Rory left us 3 weeks ago.  He taught me a very important thing Ė that anything that gets thrown into the pond needs to be gotten back!  I could swim almost as fast as him to get the bumpers and the balls.  We canít do that now on account of the ice but Baylor says it will go away when the geese come back.  I wish Rory and Truly would come back but Mom says they canít.

Now for the other stuff Iím sposed to share.  Hereís some very cool news.  Gwen came to visit us from Texas and now she and Keebler ARE HAVING BABIES!  Mom says thereís lots of babies coming in 3 Ĺ weeks.  IíM SO EXCITED!!  I think babies will be even more fun to play with than the cat.

Other stuff that happened this year:

I got born in Cape Cod and came to live here, thatís pretty cool.

I went to my first shows and won a BUNCH of ribbons. One was purple and gold and called "Best of Breed".  That means that I was the best Golden Retriever there and it also meant that Mom jumped up and down and screamed WHOO HOO, at least thatís what Baylor said. Hereís my pitcher: 

Letís see  - what elseÖ

Hunter, Stonecroft Scents of Adventure (Goodling/Minnier) got a CD - that means 3 green ribbons for doing everything he was supposed to for the judge.

Cider got to go and live with our friends Bob and Bonnie.  She has a new brother named Summit and gets to work in a shoe store!  I wish somebody would take me to a shoe store, I love shoes Ė specially if they have leather on them!

Charlotte got to go to some shows too this year but she gets to go to lots more next year.  Charlotte loves to swim in the pond even more than me and she beats me to the bumper every time.  But next year when Iím big Iím gonna get there first.

Remi (White Birch Boom Boom Madu) came to visit us too Ė actually to visit Keebler Ė but sheíll have her babies at her own house. Mom says maybe one of them can come here though, so that will be way cool.  





And our very special news is that Dad is going to get a Ďtirement this year.  Glinda says that means he gets to stay home with us all the time. WhooHoo! That sounds even better than wonderful ear time with girls and food!

Well, thatís all the stuff I can think of. Write to Mom, she loves that stuff. I think letters are not as good as shoes, but write anywayÖ





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