Merry Christmas from Stonecroft!


Well this year the argument over who got to write the Christmas letter started in late Oct. We have not been able to settle it and it is almost Christmas. Truly thinks since she is the Matriarch of the Stonecroft clan, it is only right that she gets the honor.

Rory just thinks everything is his right and insists that he is the only logical choice.

Keebler, as the #1 stud dog in residence sees it as no contest who gets the prize and Glinda, the princess feels that the letter always turns out better when written by a girl...

Baylor, always agreeable to anything, had to put in his 2 cents and remind us that his letter last year was one of the most popular ever. 

Cider is the baby of the house and therefore thinks most people want to see her. But since she's the shyest, writing the Christmas letter is a good way to satisfy them without having to actually visit with people.

And Charlotte came out the womb believing that everything she sees is supposed to be hers! 

So this year we decided to go with a group effort. Hope you like it...

Our first piece of big news is...we got a pond! Actually 2 ponds. We got a big pond with a dock and water lillies and bass and frogs and water, water, water! 

The good things about a pond are: 

We LOVE water! We can swim and fetch and shake water everywhere!

Kids come and swim Geese come and swim

Waterfalls are terrific fun And Glinda is pretty sure next year she'll catch one of those bass.

The bad things are: Mom got a Koi pond. and dogs are NOT allowed to swim with the Koi.

Koi, in case you were wondering are snotty fish from Japan who will eat kibble directly from Mom's hand.. Also, (and this is very difficult to write about), Mom sometimes throws food into the water at these fish and we, the loyal and trustworthy retrievers, are NOT supposed to go fetch it! It is very trying.

But other than that, the whole pond thing is working out really well.

As for other news: There are 10 new titles for Stonecroft kids. You can see them all here.

There are 4 new members of the tribe, thanks to the Mulder and Kelly "Ordinary" litter last January. They are:

Stonecroft Ordinary Miracle - Charlotte

Stonecroft Ordinary Wizarding Levels - Harry

Stonecroft Miles from Ordinary - Myles

and Eliana - Stonecroft a Life Less Ordinary


And, sadly, we mourn - but never forget - those who have left us:

Nittaney, Stonecroft Be True to Your School

Buddy Johnson

and the incomparable Kaizen: 


Well, that's about it. 

Until next year - may all your tennis balls be bouncy and all your woobies be stuffed!


Love, Truly, Rory, Keebler, Glinda, Baylor, Cider and Charlotte 


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