Merry Christmas from the Stonecroft Gang!

Hi everybody, it's me Baylor - Stonecroft Left of Scenter. This year I get to write the Christmas letter.

Mom said so...she really did, on account of  I'm almost grown up now. See:


That's me and Kelly. We go to shows together sometimes. Being a show dog is lots of fun but you have to remember lots of stuff. Biggest thing is "don't kiss the judge, Baylor!"  And, "don't roll on your back in the grass and wave your paws in the air while we're in the ring Baylor". And especially, "Everybody does NOT want you in their lap Baylor! "Whew! But if you remember the rules, you get pretty blue ribbons which Mom and Kelly seem to like so I try my best.

Mom says I'm sposed to tell you about this year's important stuff.

Let's see... There's a woodchuck up in the corner of the yard who really wants me to come up and play, I know he does. Glinda says he wants us to eat him, but I don't believe her. And another important thing is that my favorite woobie fell behind the couch and I can't reach it and...

What Mom?

Yes, I am writing about the big stuff...

Really I am...

You want me to tell about what?


I have to talk about the other Stonecroft kids now. We have 8 new titles this year:

First is my big brother Keebler (Stonecroft Uncommonly Good). He's now a Champion. He got to go stay with Pam  and Mark this summer and he came back with a truckload of blue ribbons!


He says now maybe he'll get to be a "stud dog". I'm not sure what that means but he seems pretty excited about it.

Next is Kaizen. Kai got lots of titles this year. He got a Rally Advanced title and three agility titles, TG-N, OAC and NJC. That makes him:  Stonecroft Embraceable You RA, NA, NAJ, NAP, OAC, NJC, TG-N (owner:Janet Velenovsky). He also got to go to New Orleans and be a therapy dog after Hurricane Katrina...

And he works as the spokes-dog for Premier Pet Products. This means he gets to try the new toys! But it also means he has to wear silly hats sometimes to get his picture taken.


Now on to Amber - Stonecroft Mystic Bam Bam Pow CDX, CGC (owned by:Chris Perfetto). Amber got her Rally Excellent title this year.

And Charm - Stonecroft Enchanted Eyes NA, NAJ (Miara and Minnier)added a Rally Advanced title and a Companion Dog title to her name.

And finallyMiss Bee - Stonecroft the Secret Life of Bee -  got her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International certifications this year.

Well, that's all the titles. Everyone here is doing well. Rory and Truly are the Senior house members. (And don't let on that I told you, but Bee and Glinda made friends with the cat!) 

No puppies in 2007, but in January Kelly will have her second litter. I LOVE babies! Even more than my favorite woobie. Kelly went to Cape Cod and met Mulder and now I get puppies to play with! How cool is that??

Watch our webpage in a couple of weeks for the live puppy cam.

I think that's about it. Hope everybody has a Happy Christmas or whatever you celebrate. Write us soon. And remember...


Always make time to roll in the grass!


Love,  Bay


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