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It’s me, Bee, back to give you the annual update on all the happenings at Stonecroft. 

It’s been a busy year for us. I suppose I should tell you the tragic news first…. We got a cat. The sneaky little anarchist wormed his way into our lives by appearing on the front porch with a broken hip – like dragging a leg around makes him special. If that wasn’t bad enough, he had to spend 3 weeks on crate rest – DOG - crate rest. I know when I take that crate to a show, the other dogs are snickering behind my back.


And to make matters worse – my canine comrades are caving one by one on the “we hate cats” crusade! First it was the baby – Baylor. I can almost excuse this one. The kid's just a half pint,  (more on him later), but then I caught my mother Truly curled up with the furry infidel! Isn’t she supposed to set an example? I mean really!


Never fear dear readers, Glinda and I pledge to carry on. We promise not to succumb. We stand ever ready to chase the little beast. Nobody else notices but I see the way he smirks at me while he’s lying on MY Dad’s lap purring. And about the purring thing… Has anyone checked him for T.B.? I don’t think that sounds healthy.


Plus, I know it’s in my job description to flip over that dry kibble stuff and I equip myself nobly in that area, but who decided that cats need chopped  duck  in  gravy FROM…A…CAN?! You should see him chuckle when Mom opens those cans – it’s really too much. And a stuffed mouse on a string – who calls that a toy?

If you are asking yourself what you can do to help, contact me privately. I could arrange to leave the door open and… well, we’ll talk later.

But enough of my trials. I should tell you about the rest of the crew. We welcomed the “Scent” litter in July. Kelly and Kazaam are now the proud parents of:

Stonecroft Left of Scenter (The aforementioned Baylor)

Stonecroft Scents of Adventure – Hunter

Stonecroft Scent Detector – Gage

Stonecroft Rapid Ascent – Chopper

Stonecroft Lorelei – Lorelei

Stonecroft Reminiscent of Cody – Cooper


Stonecroft Fluorescent Gold – Hobbes

Baylor has stayed here and other than the unfortunate cat affinity, he’s a pretty good kid.  


It’s nice having a baby around because they get blamed for most anything that happens.  

(I was nowhere around - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)






I have been working hard at a new sport. It’s called obedience and it’s where you teach your human to obediently give you a treat each time you demonstrate a command such as sit or lie down. Mom is pretty good at it although she needs frequent practice. I found she learned pretty quick at first. But I worry that my dear mum may be getting up there in years because I’ve noticed some regression lately. I have to ask her a couple of times before she remembers to give me my cookie. Ahh well, you can’t expect perfection, they are only human.


We have a bunch of new titles at Stonecroft this year:

In March Charm - Stonecroft Enchanted Eyes (Miara/Minnier), earned her Novice Jumpers Agility title

In April Kaizen - Stonecroft Embraceable You NA, NAJ  (Velenovsky) earned his Rally Novice Title

In May Amber - Stonecroft Mystic Bam Bam Pow CD, RN, CGC (Perfetto) earned her CDX and Dory - Colabaugh Stonecroft True Love CDX  (Fiorito)- earned her UD.

In October Amber earned her Rally Advanced title and Charm earned her RN title

Finally, in November Kaizen earned his NAP title.


Mom is very proud of all of the grandkids. Me, I guess I can share the spotlight for a short while.


The lowest point of the year for us was the loss of my Grandmom Jilly in January. I miss her still. She always showed me the right thing for a Golden to do. Mom still cries sometimes but she says she’s grateful for Jilly’s legacy (I think that means all of  us).

  Well, I think that’s all for this year. The no thumbs thing kind of makes it hard to type long letters. Mom says write and send pictures!





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