Happy Howl-idays!

This is Bee (Stonecroft the Secret Life of Bee). I am now 5 months old and, given my position of Queen Bee, it seems only fitting that I get to write the Christmas letter. It has been a busy year here, my arrival being the high point. My Mom, Truly had to travel all the way to Massachusetts to meet my Dad, Alec. Iím sure everyone will agree that I was worth it.

Just a quick note on my recent renovating projects. Iím happy to report that all the throw rugs are now sans fringe. I just think the lines look so much cleaner without all that frou-frou stuff. Mom may be getting a little forgetful in her old age though because she keeps spraying the rugs with this unpleasant stuff called Phooey, when I know she means to add a little roast beef flavor. (Don't worry, we love her despite her shortcomings.) On another project note, the table legs are almost fully textured. It really adds to the ambiance. And lest you think all my energies go toward decorating,  the neighbors have been calling to thank me for all my "deer alerts". They seem to respond with the most enthusiasm when I let them know before the sun is up that those obnoxious white tailed things are lurking about. Sneaky little creatures! It is a heavy responsibility but one I am fully prepared to assume. I think Dad worries that I may be too young for the burden because he keeps locking me in a crate when the deer arrive before dawn, but I persevere even from my prison!

I suppose I should add that siblings, aunts and uncles are all doing well too. In addition to my litter in July (truly a milestone in Stonecroft history), I graciously agreed to welcome another in October (only because Mom assured me they were not staying long). Keebler and Sugar had 6 babies and I added another title Ė that of Aunt Bee. I donít get the connection to that silly music everyone whistled when they said it. Whatís an Andy Griffith show anyway? 

Welcome to the family: Bhanti, Ruby, Mulligan and Chief and the newest babies: Chip, Tanner, Riley, Alex, Maddie and Reese.  

  My brother Chief is in training to be a service dog. And speaking of therapy, Mom has discovered that I am a natural. I got to go to work with her to the psychiatric hospital. It was really tough work. The patients petted, hugged and played with me all day long (and snuck me food, but don't tell Mom).. I hear that I am now the most requested therapy dog in the place but that really shouldn't surprise anyone.

There were also Stonecroft Alumni who made Mom proud this year. There were Rally Obedience titles for Topper and Amber with Rally legs for Kaizen and Charm. There was a CD title for Ripken and a Certificate of Conformation Assessment awarded to Coach. Cheyenne got her Canine Good Citizen and Kai got his Therapy Dogs International certificate. Charm got two Novice agility legs and two Novice Jumpers. She also got a first and second place at the Golden Retriever National Specialty, but Iím sure it was only because I was too young to compete. And Kaiís modeling career continues to go well with a new box cover for the gentle leader and a spread in the Richmond magazine. 

Glinda went to the National too, but she didnít get any ribbons (what I want to know is why would they hire a judge who couldnĎt see? That part didnít make sense to me but if Mom says he was blind, she must know what sheís talking about.)

I know Mom is looking forward to hearing from all of you this year. She especially likes the pictures you send and I especially like the envelopes! So keep 'um coming.

And have a peaceful and joyous holiday season...





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