Getting Ready for Puppy!


Crate Training


7-9 weeks

9-12 weeks

3 mo - 6 mos



Tail and Shoulders


Keep in mind a few simple “rules” for puppy’s first few days…

-        Limit visitors. This is a stressful time and loads of new faces will only confuse the little one.

-        Remember to keep your puppy away from strange dogs, or places where strange dogs have been until he has completed the first series of vaccinations.

-        When he is sleeping or you can’t be watching him the entire time puppy SHOULD BE IN THE CRATE! As soon as he wakes, take him outside and praise him when he eliminates. This will make housebreaking a snap and keep anything dangerous out of reach.

-        Expect a little crying when you first put him in his crate. This is normal. If he has been sleeping for more than a couple of hours and starts crying, he probably needs to go out. Other than emergency trips outside – NEVER let a puppy out of the crate when he is crying! This only reinforces the behavior. Wait until he’s quiet and then praise and let him out.

-        Keep fresh water out and accessible at all times.

-        Supervise small children and other dogs AT ALL TIMES! Even the gentlest child can inadvertently hurt a puppy. Also puppy teeth can injure a child without meaning to.

-        Make sure puppy gets lots of “down” time. He is still a baby and needs lots of rest.

-        Please give me a call after two or three days and whenever you have questions!

-        Enjoy!

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