At Stonecroft we breed only one or two litters per year. 

We do not expect any puppies until mid 2018. Feel free to check back in early 2018 for updates.

Contact Cheryl for inquiries.


We recommend that you visit our articles on selecting a breeder and determining if you are ready for a puppy.

In our breeding program, we have a few simple goals:

To produce puppies who are mentally and physically sound and conform to the breed standard.

To produce multi-purpose puppies who can excel in whichever venue they are placed, whether it is the show ring, the obedience or agility ring, in the field, at tracking, as a working assistance or therapy dog or a cherished family companion.

To produce puppies who will be lovingly cared for in homes where they can reach their full potential.

To produce puppies who move closer to our  concept of ideal Golden Retriever with each generation.

Getting Ready for Your New Puppy



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