Colabaugh Esquire Electra


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,   but the moments that take our breath away...  

Jilly, you always took my breath away



Jill at 4 months

Jilly at 2 years

Jill_on_wall21.JPG (272701 bytes) 

Jill at 8 years...


A kind and steady heart, can make a gray sky blue

And a task that seems impossible, may be possible for you.

A kind and steady heart, is sure to see you through

A little courage goes a long, long way..

Gets you a little farther down the road each day...

And before you know it you'll hear someone say,

"That'll do Babe, that'll do"

Randy Newman, soundtrack Babe

"That'll do Jill, that'll do..."

12/1/95 - 1/6/06